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Too much

As I mentioned earlier, I woke up early this morning. By the way, I did not nap, didn’t need it. Cole and I started our day playing and giving hugs and kisses in bed. It was so much fun, he giggled and laughed and talked up a storm for like 15 minutes.

Then I decided I would go get some breakfast tacos at El Pato. Will took my car to work because it’s better on gas and he had to drive into Brownsville. I was stuck with his truck. As I am loading the car seat, Cole is playing in our super messy garage. I hear Cole yelling “agua” and I turn around and find my angel holding this….

Super cute, I know! We had run out of water the day before and Yaya kept saying that we needed more water. So, my genius son sees the water jug and picks it up and brings it to the truck.

So we go on our way to the water store and the attendant is filling my jugs (hahaha) when I reach for my wallet. Its not there. I start fumbling through Will’s change in his truck and I find enough to pay in quarters. We only carry big coins, big time, I know. So I pay for 3 jugs and the top that Cole lost and I don’t have enough quarters for breakfast! Ugh! Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

I did finally get my breakfast but what a way to start my morning. It was all too much for me before 8:30 a.m.

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