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Welcome to 2009 Vannessa! : Google Reader Rocks!

Not sure how many blogs you read and if you follow any. I have long long been a huge Google fan, hence Gmail, Blogger, Google Chrome (the newest browser), the Gmail calendar (which texts you your appts!!!), and now Google Reader. Now, I just started playing with it so I may miss some really neat features.

Even a bigger Google fan because Google sends me so many people to my site from searches. I LOVE YOU Google!

So, anyways, I was at my friend Angela’s house, you know, playing with her scrapper toys and she was like all organizing her blogs in this thing called Reader. So I asked her why she didn’t just bookmark them (like Hello!, Welcome to 2009!). Then she schooled me about Google Reader, which is a way to save and organize your bookmarks right in your Google email account. Hello World of blogging meets email!!! Check me in baby!

Sign in to your email account like you normally would. Then at the top right there are tabs such as Calendar, Documents, Photo, Reader, Sites, Web, etc. Click on Reader and on the right side there is a box that says Add A Subscription. You can click on that and it expands to ask you to type in the web address or search term for the blog you would like to subscribe to or follow. Now type in www.TheEggspressNews.com. Yay for you, now you are subscribed to my blog!

So what happens is that everytime there is a new post in any blog you follow, it will let you know (just like in your email account) with the number of unread posts by it. So instead of having to be checking every blog you follow daily and be dissapointed that you did all that for nothing, Gmail Reader lets you know and read it straight from your email! Now how fantastic is that?

You can also go to Manage Subscription and lets you organize them by categories. Like I follow funny blogs, sewing blogs, designer’s blogs, friend’s blogs, and scrapper’s blogs and I have them all organized like that. So it’s easy peasy to see if there is anything in a particular blog or category that is new and unread.

I know you’re all as stoked about this Reader thingy as I was right? What’s that? You didn’t understand a thing I said? Well then you must not have Gmail and you are missing out! Go get you some here!

Being the visual person that I am, I thought it might be helpful for you to see it in action so I saved a screenshot of my Reader below. Naturally, I was reading my own blog because I didn’t want to miss anything myself! I am all caught up!

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