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We’re Ruint

Will is out of town all week and it is sooo boring here at home without him! Well, Cole keeps me real busy and entertained but we still miss him like crazy.

There is this comedian that jokes about people being “ruint” and when Will goes out of town Cole gets “ruint”. Nana is sleeping over these days because she will use any excuse to spend the night with Cole-ster. So Cole’s bedtime ahs gone out the window and so has his crib. He is sleeping in the bed with me and my mom the entire night. I thought that maybe I can stand his crying but then my mom starts in! I give up. Hey, actually, they are both “ruint”.

I have lost any hope in thinking that this is temporary because we have some dear dear friends coming in to visit us this weekend from Castriville and Cole will be giving up his room and in bed with us as well. But it’s worth it to have the Winceoffs and Nana visit!

Can’t wait for you to get back honey! We miss you terribly!

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