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What else?

Our conversation as we drive home from picking Cole up from school:

“What did you eat at school today?”

“I eat banana.”

“And what else?”

“I eat chocolate milk”

“and what else?”

“I eat fruit roll up.”

“and what else?”

“I eat sandwich.”

Then, when I am satisfied that he has checked off everything I packed him, I stop asking what else. It’s like a rigid test, some may call it a torture test, to see what my 2 year old can remember because I know exactly what he ate. I packed it remember?

So I picked up Cole from school on Tuesday and was inundated with work so my mind was somewhere else. I forgot to ask him what he had for lunch.

“Mommy, I play with Play Doh today.”

“That’s wonderful Cole. You know what, maybe we can play with Play Doh when we get home.”

“I already did play with Play Doh.”

“Oh, ok.”

“Mommy, I ate Play Doh today. What else?”

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