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What the hey?

One more week until Christmas break and then after that it’s only 2 more weeks until my last day of work. Excited but days like today kinda put the fear in me. Cole was great this morning but he was a little terror this evening. He keeps getting on top of the dining table because there used to be Christmas ornaments (balls) up there. After a week of this I finally had had enough so I moved them into the laundry room. I know what you’re thinking, why aren’t they in storage or on the tree? The reason is because Cole gets them off the tree so it looks hideous now. All the ornaments from the bottom half have been removed and there are some on the top. I don’t even want to take a picture of it but I probably should so he will always remember.
Anyway, back to the point:
So now on the table were Cole’s Christmas gifts and now he’s been getting up there to get those. I know, were not very bright! So I got smart and decided to wrap gifts in the living room as my mom was there distracting Cole. Did I mention he loves wrapping paper? So he comes into the living room and sees the paper and as I look away he grabs it. What is it with the freaking wrapping papper?
So we get mad at him for that and put him in time out, he cries. Then my mom leaves, he cries. Then he wants milk but he keeps tilting his sippy cup upside down and it starts dripping. We can’t find the leak and after about 5 times of dripping milk on the couch, we decide to take it away from him. He cries. So we have movie time and Cole starts getting restless, pointing to and naming my glasses, ears, eyes, no (nose) face, etc….We threaten him with putiting him the crib. He says, “moo-y time” (translation: movie time) very matter of factly, like it’s his right! So we think it’s cute and don’t really want to battle him crying so we let him stay up a little longer. He keeps messing around, asking for milk and his “vrooms” and finally I say to him, “kiss daddy and mommy”. So he does and I take him to his room and put him in his crib. Nothing. I tell him goodnight and give him a kiss and tell him I am going to turn the fan on. Nothing. I turn the fan on, walk out, and close the door. Nothing. I walk away, sit down, and we continue watching the movie. 30 minutes later, still nothing. He’s out without a battle. What the hey just happened?

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