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When Indifference is Unsettling

Hi Sweet Boy!

Indifference is Unsettling

You are officially a Kindergartner. I am officially a wreck. I can’t even begin to express the fears and concerns that have been weighing heavy on my heart these last two weeks. I keep praying that I am doing what is best for you. That I am providing you with the best education available to you. And I’m indifferent. And that is what is unsettling to me.

You (and your dad and your sister) are my greatest joy. You are my greatest responsibility.

So I’m taking these few days to really be still. To listen to my heart. To pray that I am able to hear and see and feel that which is intended for you. That I am not swayed by emotion or fear or anxiety.

I’m not convinced I am on the right path with your education Cole. But I’m working on it. And I’m praying about it. Diligently.

Just hang in there Buddy. We’ll get this right eventually;)

Love you more than words,

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