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YEE-HAW!!! Cole’s 2nd Birthday Party

Cole had an awesome birthday party-too bad he didn’t get to really be a part of it. He was in the arms of someone the whole time as he was fighting off a fever. It wasn’t until 4:30 that he finally started to bounce around as usual. The party ended at 5:(

We painstakingly planned his wardrobe and then even got him into it, minus the bandana that “coordinated” the whole birthday. He was done after the belt, boots, jeans and long sleeve shirt. He did good, I didn’t even think we’d get that far. Now, it did take 4 grown ladies to dress him but it was worth it!
This was his birthday invitation that I designed for this very special occasion:

Cole had so many special friends at his birthday party and so many more precious ictures to share but this mommy-son dou is busy today. We have a lunch date with his precious Tia and Blaine and Jana. So later tonight, most likely later this week, we will upload them and share more of his birthday party with everyone! Yee-haw!!!!

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