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Your welcome in our club!

Last night we went to JC Penney. It’s the newest one here by our house. It was so nice in there-all decked out for the holidays. Christmas music filled the well lit air. Luckily, I had Hubbs because that sound and the ambiance is intoxicating. Intoxicating enough for me to pull out my cash and start shoppin’ it up. Well, we found some pants for Cole, some Levis, for $4.46. We walked out of the store and we walked to our car. And walked. And walked some more. Until finally we realized that our car was not there. So we walked some more and instead of looking for our car, we looked for clues. Like glass. We found none. Will called the police.

I walked around some more, just in case we missed it. Then I kinda started to get teary eyed. I was getting sad, thinking this simply cannot be! I just had my car broken into 3 weeks ago and Will had a blow out 2 months ago and a nail in the new truck’s tire 2 days ago (which was in the side wall which meant he needed a new tire!-ugh). Seriously, this was the last thing we needed.

But then, my mind started working and visions of Yukons danced in my head. And some more tears squeezed past my eyes. They were happy tears. Then, I thought about the worth of my car and the cost of a Yukon,…yeah,..that’s not gonna happen. So I teared up again. I walked to the entrance of the store, and was asking some poeple standing there if they had seen anything. The security guard pulled up and I told him I think our car was stolen. Then I corrected myself, I know our car was stolen.

“Which entrance did you come in from?”

Um, what do you mean which entrance? I look around and I am sure, no, positive, this is the entrance we came in from. Look, double glass doors, Sephora, 411, Sephora written perfectly centered on top. I looked to the right of the store and saw the plaque, ESTABLISHED IN 1902. Yup, pretty sure this is the entrance we walked in to. Look there’s the restaurant we talked about as we drove in. I looked inside and then all of a sudden, it doesn’t look so familiar. And then I’m confused. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. Nothing makes sense anymore. But I was so sure.

So the guard offers to take us to the other entrance. As we pile into the cart, he comments, “you are the 4th people today that this has happened to”. {Oh good, that makes us feel better.} Except that by now, I’m kinda hoping the car was stolen because this is all slightly embarrassing. He drives us around the corner, yes, like 100 yards, and then we see it. There it is, in all it’s dusty glory. Our car.

Seriously? Has this ever happened to anyone? Are we getting old and forgetful? Or old and careless? I am not finding it at all comforting that 4 other people had that happen to them that day, because people tend to be, well,… stupid. Because there were clues. Like the fact that when we took the time to pay at that exit we noticed it was not the place we came in from!

So, without even knowing it, or intending it, we have joined the stupid club. You are all welcome-because misery loves company!

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